Bank holiday with kids in Muswell Hill

What to do on the bank holiday with the children in Muswell Hill

Want to plan something exciting for the kids this bank holiday in Muswell Hill? The Muswell Hill Preschool is here to help. We understand that the weather forecast changes daily, which is why we’ve listed some indoor and outdoor activities for parents looking to ensure all bases are covered.

Picnic in the park 

There are various parks in and around Muswell Hill and we’ve put together a couple of our favourites:

  • Alexandra Park – home to nearly 700 species of animals, plants and fungi, over 200 different types of insects and 26 types of arachnid, it’s safe to say that your children will be kept busy in Alexandra Park. There’s plenty of entertainment too including a boating lake, Go Ape, a children’s play area, a garden centre, skate park, little dinosaurs area and a farmer’s market. 
  • Highgate Wood Playground – this playground is fully kitted-out with a sandpit, slides, swings, a tyre zip wire, climbing frames, a cafe and toilets. If you wander further than the playground, you’ll find sports grounds for cricket, football and other sports, as well as a wildlife information hut too.

Putting together your picnic

The excitement of the bank holiday in London is bound to make your children tired and hungry, especially after playing in the park. To extend the family’s time outside and to enjoy a cool down in the fresh air why not make a nutritious picnic?

To ensure you’ve planned a bank holiday kids will love, here are some picnic ideas to get you started on your afternoon lunch:

  • Watermelon popsicles – a great way to get your children eating fruit is to make them look fun! Simply cut a watermelon again and again until you make several triangles of watermelon. Next make a small cut in the middle of the skin to slot the popsicle sticks in and then freeze with a small piece of baking paper between each popsicle, so they don’t stick together! 
  • Salad in a jar – laying chopped up tomatoes, shredded carrot, sliced red onion, pepper and feta with a drizzle of balsamic glaze in a jar is a sure-fire way to pique your kids’ interest. 
  • Pizza pockets – using triangle dough cutters, get your children to press the cutter into the pastry and create numerous triangles. Then, have them fill the middle of half of the triangles with a little passata and mozzarella, and cover with another triangle. The rest is then up to you to pop into the oven and time. 
  • Cinnamon buns – measure out the ingredients with your kids, let them mix it all up and knead the dough. Once rested, let your children roll out the dough, add the cinnamon filling and roll. Then you can cut them into mini buns and place in the oven. 

Getting your children involved in the kitchen not only helps with family bonding but also helps them to understand the science behind food when it’s mixed, heated and cooled. It also teaches them the importance of becoming independent when it comes to food preparation, a lesson they will take with them into their teens and later life.

Outdoor activities

The great outdoors helps children to build their self-confidence, self-esteem and independence because the outside environment allows them to better understand boundaries, challenges and limits when they play. Not only that, but the fresh air and exercise benefits their mental and physical wellbeing too.

  • Scoot or ride – the bank holiday is a perfect time to take your kids out on their scooters or bikes. A grassy local park is the prime place for it as any small trips and falls will be mitigated by the soft ground. Scooting and riding are fun, low-impact forms of exercise that are essential life skills to learn. It’s a great way to have fun with friends and in the future cycling or scooting could be an important mode of transport they rely on. 
  • Football – the best thing about playing football with the kids is that you only need two things for a successful session: a ball and some space to kick it! You don’t even need goals to have a good time, you can just do some casual passing practice which means everyone can get involved. 
  • Catch – just like football, catch is one of the simplest games you can play with your kids at the park and has an equally low equipment requirement. Once you’ve got into the swing of things, why not try and mix things up? When someone drops the ball, they have to go down on one knee, then two knees, then finally they must sit down. If you drop the ball whilst sitting down, you’re out! It’s a great way to add some gentle competition into the game of catch. 
  • Frisbee – this can be a great sport, especially when everyone starts to get the hang of it. There are lots of different types, and some fly further than others, so it’s a good idea to do a bit of research on what might be the best fit for the kids. We would always recommend starting with a beginner frisbee, and you can always work your way up from there.

Indoor activities

When it’s pouring with rain on the bank holiday in Muswell Hill, the last thing we want to be doing is standing outside getting wet. To avoid the downpour, we’ve put together a list of indoor activities for the bank holiday kids will love.

  • Children’s Bookshop – this independent, family-owned bookshop offers the perfect collection of books for children of all ages. From fiction to nonfiction there are books to suit all and will certainly get your children’s imagination running. If your kids enjoy their visit, perhaps pop by for storytime on Thursdays and Fridays at 11 and Saturdays at 10 – you don’t need to book either, you can just stop by. 
  • Everyman Muswell Hill cinema – sometimes it’s nice to kick back and watch a family film at the cinema. The cinema is a place where your child can experience a wide range of emotions, be captivated by characters and spark their imaginations .  
  • Go on a treasure hunt – kids love to explore and play games, so when it’s raining, a treasure hunt is a great opportunity to keep them active without having to go out. Decide what treasures you want to hide, write down some clues for them to follow and let the hunt commence! 
  • Make a piñata – getting creative and messy with the kids is a sure-fire way to ensure they have fun this bank holiday. You’ll need to blow up a balloon, paper mache it, let it dry, decorate it, then pop the balloon, cut a small hole to place the toys or treats inside and cover. 

The Muswell Hill Preschool

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