Preparing your child for the transition to school

Preparing your child for the transition to school

As your child is ready to move from pre-school to school and make the next big step in their education and independence, we need to prepare and encourage them for this exciting new chapter.

The transition will bring about feelings of excitement and no doubt some nerves too, but this is a milestone that your little ones will be looking forward to!

After all, this is a time when your child will truly find their own feet in the world, meet new friends and become an independent human. It is a time for them to embrace new opportunities and expand their knowledge further in a school environment.

Here at Muswell Hill Pre-School, we want the transition from pre-school to ‘Big School’ to be as enjoyable as possible for all our students, and our team always go to every length to ensure that your child leaves us happy, excited and feeling positive about this major milestone in their development.

And when it comes to preparing your little one for school, it certainly pays to start early to help make the transition as smooth and as positive as possible.

Here’s our guide to preparing your child for the transition to school…

Visit the school together

Visiting your child’s school is a great way to put your mind, and your little one’s mind at ease prior to their first day, especially when it comes to introducing them to their new surroundings.

Booking in a visit will allow you to introduce your child to their new classroom, playground, and other areas of the school.

Meet the teacher

Your child’s first teacher will play a huge role in all areas of your child’s development. With this in mind, arranging for you and your child to meet their teacher prior to your child’s start date can be hugely beneficial, as it’s a great opportunity to ask any questions about the school day, the type of things your child will get up to during their first few weeks or any other concerns you have.

Starting School Books

A great way to prepare your child for school is to borrow some books from the library that focus on this topic and show them what an exciting time they are going to have.

Encourage them to make friends

It’s true what they say… your school days are some of the best days of your life, and one of the best things about school is making friends

So, from an early age, you should teach your little ones how to make new friends by looking at their eyes and smiling, asking what their names are, and introducing themselves.

Of course, if you’d like to discuss how we prepare our children for the school transition at the Muswell Hill Preschool, please do not hesitate to contact us.