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Learners (3-5-year olds)

Three and four-year old’s or our Learners do more than dip their toes in our older children’s curriculum, they have full access to our unique curriculum. They will be very used to accessing our Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Early Years studios and will be offered a wide range of well- planned, exciting activities in the studios, supported by both our subject specialist teachers and nursery nurses which will promote their all-round development.

Just like our two to three-year old’s at The Muswell hill Preschool, they will start and end their day and have lunch in their base room which will generally be the Early Years and Discovery studio. They will access all the other studios and outdoors throughout the day, spending time in Visual Art with our qualified subject specialist teacher. Activities will be planned for them based on their needs, talents, abilities and interests and with their next steps for development in mind. We are also focused on preparing them for their transition to school. Activities will be planned to encourage children to be more independent, to follow a set of instructions, to build confidence and concentration and to further develop literacy and mathematical, early science and IT skills. We value the ability to express oneself and listen to others. We know it will be important when moving to school to be able to dress and undress themselves and to know how to take turns and share.

Learners have access to extra- curricular sessions such as sport, yoga, dance and French sessions which are held once a week on a specific day.

As with all our children it is our aim to ensure all of our children develop a lifelong love of learning and excitement and interest in the world around them. This aim is at the forefront of what we plan and do with our children.

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