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How we support children in our Explorers Room (non- mobile babies)

Children’s start to nursery life is of paramount importance and often sets the tone for their future experiences at nursery and in education. As part of our initial parent partnership, we work closely with our families to organise five settling in sessions including a home visit prior to a child enrolling with us. These sessions gradually increase in length and will support your child’s transition into their life at nursery.

We start to build relationships with our families from the first time they meet us, building trust so that they will feel comfortable to settle their children into our nursery room and to leave their child in our care. We want our families to be able to head off to work or their daily activities confident that their child is safe and well cared for in The Muswell Hill Preschool.

Our Explorers room is designed to meet the needs of children from three months old until they are secure walkers. Wherever possible we use natural materials with an emphasis on wooden equipment, which promotes sensorial experiences.

Our curriculum for under-twos is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and focuses specifically on exploration and discovery. We plan interesting sensory experiences and activities for each child providing opportunities to explore, discover and learn about the world around them based on their stage of development (so they learn at their own pace) and current interests. We always aim to foster self-confidence, independence and interest in the world around us.

Our younger children spend time every day in our dedicated sensory room developing sensory awareness. Our Explorers also use a dedicated both our outdoor play area and our indoor-outdoor area both of which promote physical development.

Babies sleep in a separate monitored cot room so they can enjoy deep and undisturbed sleep.

Our babies room staff are carefully selected specifically for their caring, nurturing and gentle qualities and their knowledge and experience of working with young children.

Children’s days are based around meeting their own needs, following the daily routine that they are used to at home so that the transition from home to nursery is seamless. When you tell us that their routine has changed, we will mirror those changes at the nursery to fit in with them.

Spending time in our Explorers room will give your child an excellent start to nursery life that will be built on as they move up to our  Discoverers (toddler’s room).

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