Health & Safety

At The Muswell Hill Preschool, the safety of our children, staff and parents is absolutely paramount. We strictly adhere to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) health and safety guidelines, which childcare settings in England are required to follow. We also go above and beyond the minimum requirements. We have established an ethos of safety awareness among our staff to reduce the risks of untoward events in the course of a routine day at the nurseries. The areas covered range from stringent hygiene procedures to strict safety rules. 

We carry out daily risk assessments across all our preschools, putting into place additional health and safety measures wherever necessary. We take practical steps to protect our children and our staff, strictly adhering to risk plans to avoid and control them. 

Our staff are all trained in Health & Safety practices and expectations as part of their induction when they join us and then receive update training. In addition all of the Nursery Management team and a member of staff are the appointed Health & Safety Champions of the nursery, who have undertaken additional Health & Safety training and are the go to Health & Safety experts in the nursery.

As we consider our return to nursery post COVID19 we have put in place a number of measures in addition to those we have in place in order to limit the possibility of the spread of infection.

Our Muswell Hill Preschool is also recognised by the Mayor of London, with the First Steps  Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) award. Achieving this award has helped us identify our own best practice, focus on areas to develop in health, wellbeing and education and working with parents and other services to support the children. The nursery has registered for and is working towards their Bronze award.

Below are just a few measures we take on a day to day basis to ensure the safety of our nurseries.


  • We have policies and procedures in place for the administration of medication to children
  • Only prescribed medication can be administered at nursery, apart from temperature reducing suspensions. and teething gel, with parental permission
  • All administering of medication is carried out by a senior member of staff witnessed by another member of staff 

Food & Drink

  • Our chefs all have Level 3 Food Hygiene qualifications ensuring hygienic food preparation
  • A robust set of measures are in place for the preparation and serving of food
  • All our staff are qualified to Level 2 in Food Hygiene ensuring the safe serving of meals
  • Meals are balanced, nutritional and tasty
  • Dietary requirements are given due attention.

First Aid & Injury

  • All of our team are First Aid trained
  • We have a set of robust policies in place covering the giving of First Aid and reporting of accidents and injuries 

Premises & Equipment

  • Our indoor and outdoor space is divided up into appropriate sized space to accommodate the appropriate age group
  • Children have daily access to fresh air and exercise in our safe enclosed outdoors
  • Daily risk assessments are carried out in the child spaces indoors and outdoors
  • The whole building is also risk assessed regularly and all identified risks are followed up to reduce the risk level

Furniture & Fixtures

We invest in the highest quality furniture and fixtures across our preschools, along with the latest technologies and equipment in our studios. When assessing the risk of this furniture, we consider:

  • Are permanent fixtures in good condition and are regularly checked
  • All furniture is age appropriate 

Temperature Control

A classroom that is too hot or too cold can affect a child’s ability to learn. With that in mind, we  have the following measures in place:

  • Natural ventilation where possible
  • Reasonable temperatures are maintained
  • Protective measures are in place, including blinds, to protect from glare and heat from the sun

This is not an exhaustive list and we regularly carry out checks to ensure any other hazards associated with daily use of the nursery are identified and reduced.

Ultimately, sensible judgements are used to achieve maximum benefits for children while ensuring they are not exposed to significant risks. This is particularly important in our early years nursery, as children should be able to EXPLORE | DISCOVER | CREATE | LEARN whilst safely taking appropriate risks.

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